15 October 2011

World Bank Visualizations with googleVis

Building on the last post: I just put together a short slideshow explaining how to use R to create Google Motion Charts with World Bank data. It uses the packages googleVis and WDI. It mostly builds on the example from Mage's Blog post. I just simplified it with the WDI package (and used national finance related variables).


mages said...

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for pointing out the deck.js library. This seems to be a good solution to present results using the googleVis library. I will use your idea on my blog as well.



Vincent said...

Hey Christopher,

I got to this slideshow from the `slidify` website. I'm glad you're finding the WDI package useful!

A quick style thing: WDI will merge a bunch of indicators for you if you just feed it a vector of indicator strings. For example,

dat <- WDI(indicator=c("DT.DOD.DPNG.CD",""DT.DOD.DECT.GN.ZS"))



PS: It appears we know some of the same people: Cassie G. and Bill C.

Vincent said...

Without the two consecutive double-quotes, of course

Christopher Gandrud said...

Hi Vincent

Thanks for pointing to a solution for the unnecessary verbiage.

Also, thanks for the WDI package, as a heavy user of World Bank data it is definitely helpful.

P.S. Are you going to be at APSA presenting your and Bill's fed paper?

Vincent said...

I'd love to go to APSA, especially since I've never been to NO. But unfortunately, at the moment I'm leaning towards "probably not".