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Getting Started with Reproducible Research: A chapter from my new book

This is an abridged excerpt from Chapter 2 of my new book Reproducible Research with R and RStudio . It's published by Chapman & Hall/CRC Press . You can purchase it on Amazon . "Search inside this book" includes a complete table of contents. Researchers often start thinking about making their work reproducible near the end of the research process when they write up their results or maybe even later when a journal requires their data and code be made available for publication. Or maybe even later when another researcher asks if they can use the data from a published article to reproduce the findings. By then there may be numerous versions of the data set and records of the analyses stored across multiple folders on the researcher’s computers. It can be difficult and time consuming to sift through these files to create an accurate account of how the results were reached. Waiting until near the end of the research process to start thinking about reproducibility ca